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What is Artfunkle? It's a mobile art studio, aiming to make art accessible for everyone. It's a fun way to spend a couple of hours with old friends or making new ones, forget your problems and immerse yourself in the moment. We use the medium of art to promote positive mental health. It's a fun way of getting in touch with your creative side - don't worry, it's in there and we'll help you find it.


Community/Youth Events  Artfunkle brings the art studio to you! Tutor is youth work and teacher qualified, trained in child protection and is autism friendly, We deliver tailor made art workshops and projects for issue based programmes, summer schemes, schools, youth clubs and youth groups.Artwork and theme can be adjusted to suit the needs of the group or event.


Adult Events

Artfunkle is an unique mobile funky art studio where we encourage you to bring your favourite wine (or beverage of choice), food and friends .... we will provide the paint, brushes, canvas, glasses and everything else you need for a fun and new experience. One of our talented artists will walk you through the class's artwork step by step so that at the end.....you have a truly original work of art.... one you will be proud to sign. What? you say you have no talent! We say, excellent, you are just our type and we will help you bring out your inner artist....no, really, that is our speciality and once you find her/him you will be hooked on funky art at Artfunkle.  


Children's Events

Let your little one get creative and absolutely no mess for you to clean up or worry about. Regular workshops are delivered in a variety of locations, just book online to secure a place. We also specialise in Children's parties so if you want something fun, funky and different to make your child's birthday party an event to remember - look no further than Artfunkle. (Parties can be arranged at the child's own home or at a venue of your choice.)




The use of Images

By booking an event you are consenting to your image being used by Artfunkle.

 Artfunkle uses images to advertise their events and will also be used on their Social Media Profiles.


Alcohol Policy

Guests must be 18 or older to consume alcoholic beverages (proof of age will be required)


Age Policy

Children under 18 not permitted in adult classes.   Children classes are from 6  to 18 years old.  Children parties must be supervised by a minimum of 1 adult. 


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